Not so long ago, advertising on Google and Facebook was fairly simple. You could quickly set up ads, target the right audience, and your ads will be exposed to millions of people. Best of all, you would pay only when someone clicks on your ad. But those days are gone now.

So what happened that these two media giants have now made things so complicated? And more importantly, where can both small businesses and more established brands turn to advertise their product or service?

Advertising on Google and Facebook
Advertising on Google and Facebook, so complicated!

The New Rules of Facebook and Google Ads

There are a few reasons for the new complexity.

First, in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and pressure from regulators, Facebook must prove its ability to protect customers’ data. In proving its loyalty to customers, it has now banned third-party data for ad targeting. This means the volume and type of data these third-party apps are able to receive are much more limited. In an effort to improve customer service, it has also made its advertising policies a lot more stringent. Certain businesses will be banned from advertising on Facebook. The only thing needed is enough complaints against the business. This is particularly in response to customer complaints about inaccurate shipping times and product descriptions.

Second, as Google AdWords has become more popular and used more with brands, it has also become more expensive. AdWords boasts 80% of the online advertising market. Therefore it’s at the point where small businesses can no longer compete with established brands. Keywords small businesses would use have already been taken by those larger brands. meaning that they are now much more expensive to use. In addition, mistakes can be costly, and AdWords have limited character amounts. Not to mention that for some niche markets, AdWords isn’t even a good fit.

Influencer Marketing

Target Your Audience with Referral Marketing Software

Thankfully, there are more affordable solutions than Facebook and Google advertising. Advanced recommendation engines allow targeted online word-of-mouth marketing through recommendations from friends and family, who are already familiar with your product and service. Since the ratings and recommendations are from a trusted inner circle, there’s no danger of fake clicks or reviews.

VOCO doesn’t require keywords, SEO or PPC. VOCO leverages your referral network to proactively prompt shoppers to rate and share purchases they love when they are most excited about them. For example after returning home from a vacation or a movie. Instead of prohibitively-priced keywords for AdWords campaigns, which may or may not lead to clicks, the only fee you pay is the reward split between shoppers and referrers after a purchase has been made. This type of advertising solution builds and strengthens communities. While at the same time generates continuous discussion around your product and service – which, in turn, leads to viral sales.

Want to learn more? Join Voco to start building your own effective referral program today!  

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