Do you know who they do trust? Brand ambassadors!

Consumers today don’t trust brands. According to Forrester, customer trust is at an all-time low. A recent study found that 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising. Only 1% claimed to have been influenced by this type of advertising. Engagement with brand ambassadors is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Brand Ambassadors
Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors come in two forms: First, celebrities who are generally paid to promote your brand; and second, micro-influencers who have a lot of engagement with your target audience either through social media influence or through their blog.

It’s the micro-influencers that consumers trust the most. Why? Because even though these micro-influencers might not always paint your brand in the best light, that’s exactly why they have so much sway over your customers.

engagement with brand ambassadors
Influence marketing

For instance, People believe when others talk about brands and mention both their positive and negative experiences. Celebrities, with campaigns carefully coordinated by a brand, and not likely to do so.

So where can brands find these micro-influencers to reach out to them and have them start to build trust in their product or service?

Explore More Opportunities to Work with Brand Ambassadors

A good way to find these micro-influencers is through social media, where they are engaging with their followers and mentioning your product or service. Another is through industry blogs. For instance, if you are a business in the fashion company, you could search for Twitter for mentions of your brand and see when it is being mentioned and by whom.

Here are a few more tips for engaging with these brand ambassadors:

  • Be gracious. If someone influential positively mentions your brand, you should thank them immediately. This allows them to feel that they are engaging directly with your brand. which is another incentive to continue sharing their experiences with it on social media.
  • Be proactive. Instead of waiting for a micro-influencer to mention your brand. Why not send them free products and ask them to write an honest review of what they thought about it?
  • Encourage them to tell their story. Consumers love a story. Let your micro-influencers share their experience with your brand. The sharing of their experiences, both good and bad, help to build trust in your brand.

Drive Micro-Influencers to Recommend Your Brand

If you want to accelerate sales, consider prompting customers right after purchase.  Just, when they are most enthusiastic about your product – and giving micro-influencers an incentive for recommending your brand.

engagement with brand ambassadors

In Addition, Leading online referral programs do this by harnessing the power of the community so that these micro-influencers are sharing information about your product or service with their friends and family and splitting the cashbacks between the two sides.

Therefore, Incentives inspire them to share their story while also building trust in your brand at the same time.

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