From not having to stock up on inventory and less overhead to easy scalability and potential for profit, having a dropshipping business has serious advantages. It’s no wonder that with retail Ecommerce sales predicted to reach $4.08 trillion by 2020. More than a quarter of online retailers have started to fulfill customer’s orders via dropshipping.

But with it’s low barrier to entrance, it means that there’s a lot of businesses out there adopting dropshipping.
So how can your business stand out and thrive in a sea of competition?

Online purchases
Online purchases

4 Popular Ecommerce Categories and Best-Selling Products Within Each

The trick is to find a product with high demand and low competition.
But how do you do this?
Many online tools exist to help you determine the demand for certain items, such as Amazon’s Best Sellers, AliExpress, and Google Trends. Another strategy is to concentrate on a specific niche market. You can also look for what the most popular items being searched are on social shopping sites like Pinterest and Etsy.

Here are a few categories or niches that are trending in 2019, with examples of products within those categories. Remember, you’ll have to research carefully within each category to find items that sell within a sub-niche.

Seasonal items

  • Remember that in the world of ecommerce, seasons are important. Specific holidays give you a clue as to which items might become more popular. For instance, in the summer in the United States, Americans have barbeques on three major holidays: Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Independence Day. You can maximize your revenue by discovering hot-selling items to market around those dates.

Example top-selling items: Hiking backpacks, portable mini air conditioners, bandage bikinis, bear claws (a claw-shaped kitchen gadget that tears meat from the bone)

Electronic devices

  • Electronic devices and products are known to be competitive. If you can find the right product, the profit margin can be large. Portable bluetooth speakers, for instance, are expected to grow in sales by 11% from 2017 to 2021.

Example top-selling items: Phone battery chargers, neck phone holders, wireless chargers, car phone holders, bluetooth headphones and speakers

Health and wellness

  • This category can include anything from cosmetics to exercise equipment and gadgets. In addition, The organic tea market, for example, is estimated to increase more than 5% a year between 2017 and 2020.   

Example top-selling items: Magnetic face masks, tea tree oil, anti-dandruff shampoo, yoga leggings, yoga mat, anti-aging cream, smoothie blender, resistance bands, fitness trackers

Pet accessories

  • Most people are interested in items that make their pets lives better. For example, dog toothbrushes have become a very popular ecommerce item in this category, since almost 85% of dogs have tooth problems by the time they are three.

Example items: Deshedding pet gloves, dog toothbrushes

Toothbrush for dogs
Toothbrush for dogs

Leverage Sales of the Best Dropshipping Products

Once you’ve decided on which products your store is going to sell, you’ll want to figure out how your business can best leverage these products and maximize profit. Remember that one of the strongest influences on customer purchase in Ecommerce is through word of mouth or customer recommendations. With its AI-powered chatbot that boosts sales by rewarding customers for promoting products they love with their close inner circles, VOCO promotes product discovery, leading to even more traffic and increased sales.
Integrating this tool with hot-selling dropshipping items in the right niche is a win-win situation for both the vendors and their customers. This way, customers can drive sales and also be rewarded for their efforts.     

Want to learn more?  Join VOCO to leverage sales of the best dropshipping products with our recommendation engine today!

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