“The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers.”
– Shiv Singh, formerly Senior Vice President at Visa Inc

Businesses looking to scale and increase growth understand that they don’t want just any customer, they want loyal customers. Loyal customers are far more valuable than other customers since they continue purchasing your product or services in the future. What’s more, they also are much more likely to recommend your product to friends and family, driving referrals of your products again and again.

Customer Loyalty Trend

Customer Loyalty Trend

3 Ways to Increase Your Customer Loyalty in 2019

So what better way to motivate customers to recommend your product or service than by starting a customer loyalty trend this year?

Here are a few trends to incorporate into your customer loyalty program this year.

Consider chatbots and AI to communicate with customers.

As your business scales, it becomes harder to acknowledge each individual customer and personalize their experience. However, Chatbots and AI can do this easily.

Harness the power of referrals. Customers trust referrals more than traditional advertising, and your customer loyalty program must leverage these referrals to build trust in your brand. Therefore, Simplify this by enabling customers to rate and share products on multiple devices and platforms, including direct messaging on mobile apps without needing to register to your platform.

Understand Their Behavior Through Data Collected

Once you run a customer loyalty program, you’ll have enough data to notice any new trends or behaviors of your customers. Use this data for more personalized and targeted campaigns in the future.

Start a Successful Customer Loyalty Program this Year

Once your business scales, it can be more challenging to acknowledge each loyal customer and personalize each interaction. Leading online referral programs track the thousands of purchases of your products or services along with which recommendations turn into purchases with AI bots, just like any affiliate program.

To sum up, When customers refer your product, they build trust in your brand, and the cashback reward given to both customer and the referral motivate both sides to recommend your product or service again and again. With an advanced online referral program, you’ll be well on your way to increasing your customer loyalty for the coming year.
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