Here You Can learn How to Achieve Viral Sales For Your Brand!

Viral campaigns have one of the lowest costs of customer acquisition. Serious advantage for businesses as it means that you can scale your campaigns without worrying about your budget. Done correctly, viral campaigns can help build your brand by getting your name out to a new and bigger audience.

Achieve Viral Sale

Achieve Viral Sale

Let’s take two examples of viral sales campaigns and examine some of the components that contributed to their success.

Two Types of Successful Viral Sales Campaigns

1. Evernote

Evernote is a mobile app for note taking founded in 2008. By 2011 it boasted 11 million users, and grew to 200 million by 2016. Let’s take a look at their app referral campaign to understand more the methods it employed for this type of rapid growth.  


It’s app referral program is what is known as a double-sided refer-a-friend program. In other words, when users sign into it and refer a new customer, they receive points, which you can use toward premium subscriptions and earn an increase in your monthly upload limit.

The friend receiving the referral, on the other hand, receives a month of Evernote Premium for free!

This viral marketing campaign is so successful because it incorporates an incentive for each party and is easy to share and promote. It also takes an already loyal customer base and targets them for referrals at the time they are using the app. The virality is built into the product so that each customer can be linked to referrals and growth.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a storage, sharing and collaboration solution founded in 2007. It had 100,000 registered users by 2008, but by December of 2009 they had 4 million registered users.

Between 2008 and 2010, Dropbox managed to double its user base every 3 months, largely due to a viral marketing campaign that led directly to customer acquisition. What was the secret to its success?  Dropbox incentivized its users by offering them up to 16 GB of free space by inviting their friends to Dropbox. Since users that sign up start out with 2GB of space, Dropbox’s campaign gives them a huge incentive to invite as many friends as possible in order to capitalize on those 16 GB.


The campaign is easy to share and promote and can be easily integrated into a number of email or social media applications by copying the link.

Implementing the Tools for Viral Campaigns

Advanced recommendation engines promote viral sales campaigns in several ways. First, they target a market of customers already satisfied with your product, who would easily recommend your product. An advanced recommendation engine such as VOCO also makes it simple and easy to share these recommendations. For instance, its referral links are automatically copied into any social media channels.

Therefore, VOCO automatically incentivizes customers to refer to the product or service with a reward system. It then tracks the referrals and purchases, distributing the cashbacks between shoppers and their friends who followed and purchased. The potential for customer acquisition through viral campaigns is so huge. In addition, brands should consider advanced recommendation engines that can easily scale campaigns and reach a new and larger audience than even they may have thought possible.

In conclusion, that way you can Achieve Viral Sales For your Brand!

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