Most Frequent Questions & Answers

Vendors Q & A

Yes! Voco is a mobile first platform. The end customers are invited to rate and recommend products via their mobile phones.

No!  Voco provides an online chat page even without a website.

No, VOCO is a web-based app. Therefore, there is no need for the customers to install anything. VOCO is launched automatically when clicking on a URL link received in a text message or a push notification.

Just upload one image, install VOCO plugin and set the reward value.

All you need to do is upload your business image, install VOCO plugin and set the reward value.

Currently we support English and Hebrew, but you can upload the survey in any language that you’d like.

Yes, you can. You can also create a survey per specific product.

VOCO handles all the issues of transferring the reward. We constantly handle new ways to handle, distribute and transfer rewards. In addition, To download the rewards, the customers will be invited to a self-service portal on VOCO’s website.

We offer rewards in the form of digital gift cards, which the customer can download to their mobile phone or receive via email. However, We also let customers receive cashbacks and affiliate rewards via PayPal.

Once a customer shares a recommendation, VOCO AI chatbot tracks the share referral code through the whole path until a purchase is made.

Yes, once a purchase is made following a referral, we notify both the referrer and the buying about their reward, and also provide the business with all the purchases made with referrals via VOCO.

Yes, customers do not have to redeem their rewards immediately, but can accumulate them and redeem them at a higher value digital reward card.

The reward values are set on VOCO’s dashboard after signing into VOCO. Yes, you can change it over time to get better results.

You will need to deposit money to your wallet via VOCO dashboard in order to cover the rewards value. As long as your wallet has money in it to cover the rewards, VOCO’s “Purchase” button will be enabled for your customers. VOCO will send you a notification email when your wallet balance depletes according to the level that you will define at setup phase.

Our system provides the best rewards because it leverages the power of your social connections.

If, for example, an online store provides 5% reward and 20 of your friends followed your recommendation and purchased, you would make 100% of the product price!

Please refer to our integrations page to see the eCart plugins which VOCO supports.

After signing into VOCO and installing VOCO plugin, your products will be uploaded automatically into VOCO’s dashboard.

Your Customers Questions

Thousands of vendors already work with us and we are expecting many more to join us.

Once you make your first recommendation, VOCO will create a feed under your name on VOCO platform. You and your friends can then further discuss your recommendations on your personal feed on VOCO Platform.

Right now we offer registration only via Google, so if you don’t use a Google email account, the system is not for you, YET.

No!  VOCO automatically and anonymously looks at the receipt that is provided to you by your vendor and a few days after your purchase, VOCO reminds you to rate and asks if you’d like to share your recommendation with your friends.

Notifying your friends is done on your favorite social app:  WhatsApp, FB, FB messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Email and more.

No! VOCO is a completely voluntary system. You only share items which you like.

We’re sorry to say, but not always. Sometimes the online store don’t provide rewards on specific items, in other cases the software may not be compatible as the stores may have changed their interface or VOCO  is having trouble interfacing with some online stores.

We don’t advise you to purchase more because of VOCO. However, we do advise that you make calculated purchases and inform your friends only on products which you really like.

You can ask to redeem your cashback from a minimum accumulation of $50, by sending an email request to cashbacks@voconet.io. We will review your request and if cleared, we’ll coordinate with you the transfer options .

VOCO is compatible with thousands of merchants to provide the greatest convenience for our members. However, VOCO is now in beta phase so our service may not work at all times, or even some of the vendors we mention may not YET be compatible with our system.

VOCO is not the merchant of record for any product purchases made through Check Out and does not have any liability with respect to any products which you purchase through Check Out. While VOCO may provide some estimations including the estimated shipping costs and/or discounts or cash backs or rewards provided for you during the Check Out, or purchase or recommendation process, this is only an estimate, and the actual costs and rewards and applicable sales tax (if any) shall be set forth on the purchase confirmation delivered by the Affiliate Store to you.
In addition, Please review all conditions and terms on the respective Affiliate Store’s website prior to making your purchase.

You’ll never pay any membership fees to VOCO.

There’s no limit to how much money you can make. In other words, more friends you advise who then follow your advice and purchase, more money you can make.

Our system provides the best rewards because it leverages the power of your social connections.

For instance, if an online store provides 5% reward and 20 of your friends followed your recommendation and purchased, you would make 100% of the product price!

The VOCO servers are hosted on the Google Cloud Server, all protected with HTTPS security for your maximum security and safety.