Account Setting Guide

Account Setting Guide

In Account Setting Guide You Can Find How To Set Your Account & Configure Your VOCO Dashboard on Your First Steps With VOCO.

Basic setting

Account Basic Setting
Account Basic Setting
  • Profile Picture: Icon image, displayed in chat. This icon is displayed to a customer during a chat with the business. If this icon is not uploaded, then a default icon ()   is displayed.  This icon is only used if the business chooses to enable the chat option.
  • Business name: Business name is displayed when the user is chatting with the business. This is only used if the chat option is enabled.
  • Address:  Your billing address.
  • Phone No.: A mobile phone number to receive an SMS notification on an incoming chat message. Chat messages notifications arrive via either a web push notification or SMS.  Web push notification can be enabled on either PC or on several types of Android phones.
  • If web push notifications are not enabled, then an SMS is sent to this mobile phone number upon an incoming chat message.  

Chat, Survey & Share Default Settings

 Chat, Survey & Share Default Settings
Chat, Survey & Share Default Settings
  • Upload banner: Upload a banner for your store. This is used as the default image if a specific product does not have an image. Banner size is 300×300 pixels.
  • About Your Business: Substitutes a missing product description. About Your Business can replace your product description, if the product description is missing. In VOCO, you create surveys to be shared with your customers’ friends. Surveys contain a product image and a product description. This field is displayed to the user as part of the survey,  if the product description is missing.
  • Enable VOCO Chat: Users can interact with you on the VOCO platform via web-based chat.
  • Business Website URL: Used to redirect users to your online store, if a product URL is not defined.
  • Default Cashback: Used if cashback in a product is not defined. VOCO incentivizes shoppers to share products they love with friends and family. Cashbacks are delivered only upon a purchase event by the new referred customer, who was referred by your customer via VOCO. (This is a default value that can be overwritten for each product.

Default Surveys Send Timing

In the case was not defined within the product, this timing is used to send a survey. Determine upon which event (or events), a survey will be sent to the consumer and at which time offset. (This is a default value which can be overwritten for each product):

  • Survey Name to be Sent: Select the survey you want to send.
  • Send Survey on Purchase or Delivery:  Surveys can be sent soon after a customer purchased the item or after delivery of the product or service. For example, a survey can be sent immediately following a purchase or a movie ticket and/or after the movie has ended.
  • Send Time Offset (in minutes): Set how many minutes after the event/service/product has started or after purchasing it, the survey will be sent.

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