Product Setting Guide

Product Setting Guide

In Product Setting Guide You Can Find How to Add a New Product & to Test Product Survey with Your VOCO Dashboard on Your First Steps With VOCO.

Basic setting

Add New Product
Add New Product
  • Product Name: The product title.
  • Short Description: This text will be displayed in your customers’ “VOCO feed” after they are sharing their review. This should be a short text that sells the product.
  • Product Tags: Help for the discovery and classification of your product.
  • Product URL: URL of the Product Buy Page. When clicked, it should lead to the product/service/event’s order web page. If the field is left empty, then the user is directed to a chat with you, or to the business’ website.
  • Cashback: VOCO incentivizes shoppers to share good reviews with friends and family. Cashbacks are delivered only upon a verified purchase by the new customer.

Surveys Schedule

  • Determine upon which event (or events), a survey will be sent to the consumer and at which time offset
    • Survey Name to be Sent: Select the survey you want to send for this product.
    • Send Survey on Purchase or Delivery: Surveys can be sent soon after a customer purchased the item or after delivery of the product of service. For example, a survey can be sent immediately following a purchase of a movie ticket and/or after the movie has ended.
  • Send Time Offset: Set how many minutes after the event/service/product has started or after purchasing it, the survey will be sent.
  • Create Product: Click to complete the creation of the product
  • Create & Add New: Click to create the product and move to create the next new product.
Test Product Survey
Test Product Survey

In order to test your product survey, you must have a least one “Surveys Schedule” created.

  • After creating at least one survey and selecting one from “No Surveys Schedule” drop-down menu, you can test the product with the survey on your mobile phone.
  • Enter your mobile phone number with the country code in order to test the product survey.

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