Survey Setting Guide

Survey Setting Guide

In Survey Setting Guide You Can Find How To Set New Survey & Questions Types with Your VOCO Dashboard on Your First Steps With VOCO.

Basic setting

New Survey
New Survey
  • Survey Name: something like “Default” or “Electronics”.
  • Question: The survey can be of any number of questions. For optimal results, it is suggested to keep the survey short. While setting up the questions, you can use placeholders (keywords which are replaced automatically by VOCO). The possible placeholders are ${Product Name} and ${Business Name}.
    • Question Text: for optimal results keep your question short and to the point. You can use all the placeholders.
    • Question type: You can switch question types by selecting from the drop-down menu.
    • Share Review Text: VOCO incentivizes your users to share their reviews. This field determines how the answer will be displayed to the shared parties. For example, The “Question Text” may be: “How many stars would you give the movie?”, and the “Shared Review Text” can be: I gave ${text} stars to the movie.
    • VOCO automatically replaces ${text} with the user’s answer.

Survey Advanced Settings

If the Advanced Settings switch is off, the survey will use VOCO’s default values.

 Survey Advanced Settings
Survey Advanced Settings
  • Average Success Score: The threshold score from which a share request is displayed to the user. The threshold score is calculated by averaging all the scores in the survey. VOCO’s default value is 5.
  • Error Message On Unexpected Input: Define a chat message to be sent to the user when the user answer is not one of the expected options. VOCO’s default value is “Oops, I didn’t get that, please choose one of the stars”/
  • Notification Text to Start Survey: A survey is started by either a text message or a web push notification which is sent to the customer. VOCO’s default value is “Hi! click here to rate and benefit from ${Product Name}”.
  • Text After Share: Define the text of thanking the customer for rating and sharing your product on his social network. VOCO’s default value is “Thank you for rating and sharing ${productName}”.
  • Text After No Share: In case the customer gave a low rating to the product, then this field will be sent in the chat. VOCO’s default value is “Thank you for rating ${product Name}”.

Question types

5 Stars Rating Question

The question lets respondents evaluate a statement on a scale of 5 stars. Points are assigned to each answer choice, so an average is calculated for analyzing.

5 Stars Question
5 Stars Question
  • Free TextAdvanced Settings
    • Points: Changes the points applied to each answer choice, which will affect how the weighted average is calculated. By default, 1 star has 2 points, 2 stars have 4 points, 3 stars have 6 points,  4 stars have 8 points, 5 stars have 10 points,
    • Continue to Question: This allows you to specify the next question according to the answer. If, for example, you selected under one star “Continue to Question” 3, then, if the user chose to answer one star, this next question, will be question number 3 (by displayed order).
    • Keep empty for next question by survey order.
    • GoTo ’99’ to end survey.

Free Text Question

collect open-ended, written feedback from respondents.

 Free Text Question
Free Text Question
  • Skip button text – The user may choose not to add any written feedback and just move to the next question. This field defines the text that appears on the button and should reflect the word “skip”. If the user chooses to skip answering this question, then the field itself will not appear in the answer table.

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