How VOCO Works

Drive Sales With Your Customers


VOCO Happy

Your Customers

VOCO Couple

Their Friends


The Power of Friends' Advice
Boost your Sales

  • Purchases
    Trigger VOCO'S
    AI Bot

    So, How it Works?
    Your online shopping cart sends a trigger event to VOCO's AI Bot, per each purchase.

  • VOCO Invites
    Customers to Rate
    & Share

    Customers are invited to recommend products & services they love, just when they are most excited about it.

  • Customer Share
    Reccomendations on
    Social Media

    VOCO incentivize customers to share their recommendations with cashback rewards. Customers share their ratings on their preferred private social media networks, such as: Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email, etc., becoming your brand ambassadors.

  • Friends Follow
    the Advice

    When friends click on link provided
    they are directed into VOCO Feed.

    The referral code included in the link is generated by VOCO and automatically copied into the selected social network feed.

  • You Get Discovered

    On VOCO Feed, friends can discuss
    your products and click on the
    purchase button to be directed to
    your business. 

  • Friends Click on

    When friends click on the Purchase button
    - they are directed to your online store.

    When friends follow and purchase - they are also prompted to rate and share.

  • VOCO Tracks All
    Referrals and Purchases

    VOCO automatically tracks all referrals
    and purchases with referral codes.

    No need for configuration or setup from the business side.

  • VOCO Distributes
    Rewards to Customers

    VOCO distributes cashbacks to the end-
    customers, both the recommending customers
    and the friends who followed and purchased,
    with full reporting to the business.