VOCO Vs. Post Affiliate Pro


Post Affiliate Pro (PAP)

Recruits affiliates automatically with AI bot

Integration with social media

No installation or downloading of app needed by consumer

Automatic tracking of referrals, purchases and payouts


No high monthly fees, no transaction fees

Unlike Post Affiliate Pro (PAP), VOCO recruits affiliates simply and quickly by automatically prompting your customers to rate and share once they completed their purchase or receive their delivery. VOCO also continues to approach new shoppers, tracking all referrals and purchases and distributing cashback rewards automatically. Customers simply rate and share purchases to generate new purchases!

Simple and Easy Integration

VOCO integrates easily with social media. A simple link with the referral code is already embedded into the customers’ social feeds so they can invite family and friends to rate and share their recommendations on their social networks.

VOCO also does not require the consumer to install or download any app and integrates with your business software at no cost for you.

Pay as You Go

VOCO only charges what your affiliate program pays. We split the cashback reward with the customers and us. No monthly high fees, no transaction fees and no limitations on the number of participants. All features are available right from the start, with no surprises down the road as you grow.