Zipy, a leading Israeli online retailer, and VOCO are making an announcment today. Zipy will offer VOCO’s automated influencer marketing engine on its platform, launching Voco’s service to all of its customers.

Launching Voco's Service
Launching Voco’s Service

Zipy, offers rich inventory, great offers from international online marketplaces along with local payment methods. In partnership with VOCO, agreed on launching VOCO’s technology on Zipy’s shopping site. Most importantly, this effort will incur in better customers’ experience and drive sales.

VOCO’s mobile AI-powered chatbot will invite Zipy’s customers to rate and recommend products they love to their close social circles. When friends will follow and purchase, both friends and the product ambassadors will be rewarded. VOCO will track all referrals and distribute the rewards.

Global Cooperation

“We, in Zipy, continuously strive to help our customers with great service and help them discover products of interest to them. Therefore, VOCO looks like a perfect fit for us, as not only it helps the customers discover products they need, but it also rewards them for helping others with the discovery”. Said Zipy’s founder and CEO, Mr Dmitriy Makarenko.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to deliver VOCO to vendors and their customers via Salesfreaks. In addition, It is a significant step forward for us, and for the customers. Teaming up with Zipy is a win-win situation for both the vendors and their customers where customers can drive sales up and get rewarded”. Said Ofir Paz – VOCO CEO.

About Zipy

Zipy was launched in 2013 and has quickly become the most favorite shopping arena for hundreds of thousands of Israelis. More than 6 million products were ordered via Zipy’s customers to date. In addition Zipy offers an easy way to purchase from international online retailers and marketplaces via a friendly website and with Zipy’s local service and local payment methods.

Zipy’s customers do not need to register to the site and they can track their orders from the moment of purchase all the way to delivery.

About How VOCO works

Above all, Voco solved 100 years old marketing problem in which Ads and promotions are often ignored by customers. The problem manifests itself through the fact that 30-40% use Ad blockers.

In conclusion, our patent-pending solution seamlessly engages and promotes products discovery via AI-powered chatbot and by customers and their friends. Therefore, transforms the historical push Ad market to a pull client-friendly environment.

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