VOCO's CEO Ofir Paz

VOCO’s CEO Ofir Paz, a serial entrepreneur, focused on developing and commercializing disruptive, global scale, technologies for a better life for people and businesses will be speaking at the eCommerce Innovation Track at FUTR Expo, 25th of April 2019.

Voco is a word-of-mouth chatbot that turns customers into brand ambassadors. In conclusion, it engages & encourages them to recommend products or services they love to their friends and family. We invite our followers to lead by creating a viral chain effect. Therefore, VOCO handles rewards and cashbacks and easily integrates with the vendor’s existing software.

The Problem

People Follow Friends, Not ADs

Firstly, 92% trust recommendations from close circles.
Secondly, More than 30% block ads.

The Solution

Converts Customers Into Influencers & Brand Ambassadors

On purchase or delivery, customers are encouraged to share with friends & family products they love. In addition, when friends purchase, VOCO rewards both sides.

VOCO Impacts Socially & Financially

To sum up, our recommendations feed can be shared and discussed with friends via a persistent web-chat. This creates a buzz and makes vendors easily discoverable.

FUTR Expo 2019

FUTR is Europe’s only Summit focused on fresh thinking and progressive change in the future of retail, marketing and commerce. Our attendees have told us it is “the ONLY Retail and Marketing event they attend all year.”

futr Expo 2019

Above all, FUTR is the annual gathering of brands and retailers across Digital, Marketing, Ecommerce, Retail and Innovation. They stay at the cutting-edge of insights, technologies, and solutions across retail and marketing. A watering hole for the future-focused leaders who want to see “what’s next”. Moreover, understand how to bridge “the gap between now and next”, while carrying forward authentic values with no baggage.

In conclusion, at FUTR you can hear from over 200 inspiring, cross-industry speakers from Mars, Samsung and more and discover our highly-curated exhibitionto find the latest technologies and solutions that will change the way you engage with customers.

We invite you to see the full agenda here!

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