Pricing Policy


  • CPA Rewards : Your Voco cost of acquisition is comprised of cashback to the referrer, cashback to the friend who follows the recommendation and purchases and VOCO’s commission.

Vendor Payment Flow

  1. As a limited time welcome offering, VOCO will once top up each new Vendor’s Wallet with an amount according the chosen pricing plan.
  2. On the 1st of each month, the counter of surveys will be reset to zero.
  3. On the 1st of each month, VOCO will charge the Vendor with the basic Plan’s fee (excluding CPA).
  4. If there is less than the required amount of money needed for a single CPA Reward, then the “Purchase” and other buttons (e.g. Chat) buttons on the Customer’s Interface will not be clickable, and the Vendor will receive a notification from VOCO, informing about the need to deposit money in his Wallet.
  5. There is a 10% operational fee and a minimum of $100 USD for withdrawing money from your wallet.

To keep VOCO CPA Rewards running:

Make a top up to your wallet and keep the balance above the minimum. To ensure that VOCO CPA rewards continues to run — we recommend 30 times the CPA Reward for your daily conversion budget.

We shall send an email (based on your notification settings) when your budget has less than 7 days worth of CPA Reward funds.

Allow for processing time: Depending on how you pay, it can take from 24 hours up to one week or more for your payment to reach your account. Allow for this time when you’re trying to keep VOCO running.

Remember VAT: In some countries, VOCO deducts Value-Added Tax (VAT) from your payments. If this is the case in your country, be sure to factor the VAT deduction into your payments.

Payments on the automatic payment setting: If you’re on the automatic payment setting — where you pay automatically after you accrue costs — you can still make a separate, manual payment for your costs at any time.

You might want to make a payment for these reasons:

You want more control over how and when you’re charged. With a manual payment, you can pay your entire VOCO account balance, just a fraction of it, or more than your balance to cover future costs. You can also pay with a new payment method or divide your balance among several of them. This can help delay when your primary payment method is charged.

Cancellation: You can cancel your plan anytime by sending an email to The cancellation will take affect by the end of the calendar month of your last billing.

Change of Plans: If you’d like to change your plan, please send an email to and we shall take care of it immediately. 

Keep in mind: Sometimes if you make a manual payment close to when your automatic payment is due, you might be charged twice.

Notice: The company reserves the right to change the prices and the pricing model at any time at its own discretion without any prior notice.


Updated: February 18, 2019