VOCO Vs. Survey Monkey


Survey Monkey

Encourages communities and discussion around your product

Focus on bringing customers to online stores

Surveys are shared with the community

Easy integration with business software

No monthly fees, no transaction fees

Continually generates new sales

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing on Mobile

Unlike SurveyMonkey, VOCO’s focus is on bringing new customers to your online store. It does this via a short focused survey presented to your shoppers on their mobile phone immediately after they completed a purchase or received their delivery.

Happy shoppers are prompted to rate the product and also share their recommendations with their friends and family on their preferred social networks. It’s word-of-mouth marketing on your mobile.

Easy Integration and Sharing on Social Media

Friends who click on the link shared on the social networks are directed to the customers’ private VOCO feed. There they can all read and discuss their views of the products and click on the “Purchase” button in order to buy. VOCO automatically tracks all referrals and purchases, distributing cashback rewards.

VOCO also easily integrates with your business software at no cost to you, allowing you to spend time and resources on building your business.

Pay as You Go

VOCO only charges a portion of what you define as a cashback reward. We split the cashback reward with the referrers, the customers who follow and purchase and us. No monthly high fees, no transaction fees and no limitations on the number of participants. All features are available right from the start, with no surprises down the road as you grow.