VOCO Engine Features

Fully Automated Affiliation & Referral  Engine.

No Configuration & No Banner Designs.

Fully Configurable Survey AI-Bot.

Survey AI-Bot sends Invites to actively encourage users to share your products with their friends.

Automatically tracks referrals, engagements and Increases your revenues.

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Engage Shoppers

SSL Encryption.

No Fake Clicks.

No App Install By Customer.

Persistent Web-Based Chat.

Works Offline.

Simple Integration via VOCO Plugins.

SMS & Push Notification on event.

Tracking URL links are embedded in social networks posts & emails.

Handles rewards and payments automatically.

Reward engine combined with AI-Chat Bot to encourages brand ambassadors.

Rate Your Purchase​​

Automatic, worry free, rewards distribution and payments to referrals and customers.

True Ratings – your customers shares your product with their friends.

Rewards are on performance only.

Doesn’t requires social presence – users are not required  to have blog, Facebook pages, website & etc.