Boost Your Sales With VOCO Engine

Automatically Motivate Shoppers to Rate, Share and Purchase

  • Actively prompt shoppers to recommend purchases to friends and family, when they are most excited about them.

  • Reward both the shopper who refers and the friends who follows and buys.
  • Motivate with cashback the friends who follows the recommendations to get them to purchase.

Get Fresh New Traffic

  • Let Shoppers to learn about your products from friends.
  • Bring your customers to share their favorite products with friends and family in their private social networks.

Quick and Easy to Use​

  • Shoppers don’t need to download or install any app.
  • SimilarlyShoppers don’t need to be online or in-store to get VOCO’s invitation.
  • Referral links copied automatically to social media posts.

Get True Ratings and Real Clicks

  • No fake clicks or reviews.
  • In addition, get only true ratings from trusted friends and family.

VOCO Handles Cashback Payments​

  • No handling of payments to end-customers. VOCO handles the payments.
  • AI-bot tracks both referrals & purchases and distribute rewards and cashback.
  • Shoppers receive notifications when recommendations become purchases.

Build Communities​

  • Share ratings and recommendations with shoppers’ inner social circles.
  • Build and strengthen loyal communities.
  • Generate social discussion around your products and services.