VOCO Vs. Yotpo



Encourages communities and discussion around your product

Easy integration with business software

No high monthly fees, no transaction fees

No installation or downloading of app needed by consumers

Automatic tracking of referrals, purchases and payouts

Smart integration with social media

Unlike Yotpo, VOCO prompts your customers to rate the product they purchased the moment they complete their purchase or receive their delivery, and invites them to share the ratings with their trusted social circles. Customers discuss their views of the products with their friends and family in a dedicated feed where they can click a “Purchase” button to purchase the product.

Simple and Powerful Word of Mouth Marketing

With VOCO there is no need for the customer to manually copy and paste referral links since they are embedded automatically into their social feed. Those who follow the link and purchase are rewarded and invited to rate and share too, quickly setting sales into viral mode.

VOCO also easily integrates with your business software at no cost to you, allowing you to spend time and resources on building your business.

Pay as You Go

VOCO only charges a portion of what you define as the cashback reward. We split the cashback reward with the referrers, the customers who follow and purchase and VOCO. No monthly high fees, no transaction fees and no limitations on the number of participants. All features are available right from the start, with no surprises down the road as you grow.