Voco Ground Breaking Chat Solution
Engages Customers Via

Phone Calls, Landing Pages, Ads Or Google Ads

Customers reach you out via their mobile phones, either by calling or by browsing to your website or landing page.

But mobile phones behave differently, their screens frequently shut-off and their browsers are sent to back and often reload.

Voco revolutionizes customer engagement by seamlessly adding one click, always-on chat to ads, Adwords, calls, web and mobile sites.

No need to sign in, register, or install.

All parties can initiate a new chat or pick up where they left off, seconds or weeks ago.  

With mobile phones, chats are missed or dropped.

Voco Follows a Phone Call with Chat To Boosts Sales

Closing a deal requires follow-ups.
Voco automatically sends a thank you message after every incoming and outgoing call.

Your customers will appreciate the follow-up and will respond.

Prospects who abandon calls come back with VOCO

We observe 15% reply rate for abandoned calls. These are hot leads that otherwise your would lose forever.

Engage With One Click Chat

VOCO Engages seamlessly via ads, landing pages and Google Adwords .

Voco magically requires no customer login, registration or install.

Upon a click on your ad, an incoming call, or a click on your webpage, your customer can communicate with you.

Let us explain:

Wish to Use Voco?

Customer Need to talk with Real People

One of the keys to success with chat is using personal messaging versus too many canned messages.
Personal messaging comes across as genuine.

VOCO provides this to them and it will build trust.

What people need is someone to guide them through the shopping process and to find the best product/service that suits their needs.

With VOCO you can easily transfer the conversation from one Rep to the other without having to repeat the whole story again (it is all documented).

Voco makes it easy to flag a chat so for a follow up.

Discussion Instead Of Only Live Chat

Customers like live, personal, engagement, and Voco lets you work more effectively, same time and money and have deeper visibility into your prospects and customers desires.



“A missed call is a possible missed opportunity…I have been waiting for something like this (VOCO). My business relies on great customer service and I need to answer every call. If I don’t answer a call, a new customer might call someone else…”
Diana Cardillo, Owner, Mt. Kisco, NY, Indulgence Salon
“The concept is very good because it is very noisy in the restaurant”

Phone: 9178188XXX

Nelson, the GM of a restaurant , le Baratin, NYC.
“The competition is big and a good customer service with chat can help us sell more ”

23E 51st Street Mobile: +1. 347.513.2335

Susan Kim, owner
“ The receptionist goes home at 6PM and customer call in afterward. Voco can be great service as it allows me to directly receive calls from customers”

Phone: (212) 290-8400

Geof Ringelstein, owner

VOCO’s Competitive Edge

How To Install VOCO?

Have A PBX?

Voco can be easily integrated with your PBX. See here for integration instruction.

Wish To Integrate Voco In Your Website?

Use our register tool here and embed the iframe in your website.


Voco is free for the beta period.  No need to leave credit card details, no need to any commitment. Just use and enjoy.

Following the beta we plan to charge very competitive rates.

Get extra steady income for life by installing Voco  on your customers’ websites!

Your customers will earn you 30% from every single payment they make to Voco