Automated Influencer
Marketing Engine

Convert Customers into Nano-Influencers.
No Keywords, SEO, PPC or Ad Creatives Required.
Boost Your Traffic to Increase Your Sales.
Build Your Influencers Network.

Turn Shoppers into

Automated Affiliate Marketing Engine automated influencer marketing engine uses our influence on friends and family to boost sales. It is the only social plugin that automatically incentives sales by turning customers into nano-influencers. 

Engage Shoppers When They're Most Excited

Automated Affiliate Marketing Engine is an AI-BOT which prompts your customers when they are most excited about their purchases to advise their friends and family about products and services they love.
When friends follow and purchase, they are also prompted to advise. This way Automated Affiliate Marketing Engine sets your sales into a viral mode.

Help Shoppers
Discover you

“Above all, customers don’t know what they want until we’ve shown them.” (Steve jobs)

As a result, Automated Affiliate Marketing Engine shows your customers what their friends have liked, purchased and whether they feel a product or service is worth it!

Easily Reward Affiliates and Influencers

Automated Affiliate Marketing Engine engine tracks and notifies your customers when their recommendations turn into sales. Then, it distributes the cashback to the shoppers and to the friends who followed their advice.