VOCO: The Simple Chat Engagement Revolution

Voco is a mobile web customer-engagement system. Interactions with prospects customer are key, you’re aiming to establish trust, provide value, gather key information, and perhaps even secure a follow-up meeting.

Voco seamlessly adds one-click, always-on-chat to ads, inbound and outbound phone calls and websites. No need to sign in, login, or install. Upon reaching out, Voco lets them chat or pick up where they left off, seconds or weeks ago.


…With Voco, Customers Chat Via Ads, Phone Calls, Website Or Pick Up Where They Left Off, From Seconds To Weeks Ago.

All the products on the market are interchangeable, not supporting mobile phones, calls, Ads or conversations.

Providing Services? Customer Loyalty Is Key. VOCO Can Seamlessly And Effortlessly Help

Studies suggest that customer loyalty is determined by the quality of service the customer  receives, and not necessarily by the cost of the product or service.

This being the case, perhaps you’ve decided to strive for the best customer service team ever. You’re committed to investing top dollar to find the best customer service team, willing to buy them the best IVR technology, train them, and fight for these KPIs  that the customer service industry has agreed upon.

If so, great job!  However, in some industries you’ll quickly discover that having the best team, 24/7, might cost more than your business model will allow.

On top of that, how can you ensure that your customer service team does what it needs to do in order to make your customers happy?  How can you make sure that calls are answered quickly and resolved the first time ?

Customers Love Instant And Continued Communication Especially When They Call

With Voco customers get instant answers to their questions without waiting for you to answer their calls. Voco also cuts the anticipation for answers from emails.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Think about your initial thoughts when you submit a support email. Will they answer quickly enough? Will they answer my question correctly? Now that they have my email address, will they spam me forever? Will my email get lost or filtered?

With Voco, these barriers don’t exist.

Someone is there for me when it – Many of our customers say that knowing they have the option for 24/7chat support influenced their decision to revisit our site and shop time and time again.