We are currently in a beta phase in which do not charge for the product.
if you wish to use voco to handle incoming calls, Follow the instruction on the PBX integration. If you wish to use Voco only for your website,  just embed the html code.
A deal is never closed on the first call, and even if it did,  you miss on the upsell or the customer support.  Voco is a huge.
SMS is not reliable and not sharable.  With Voco, our chat is persistent and does not rely on the SMS deliverability.
Voco’s always on technology enables your customers to communicate in a conversation kind of way and not only in a live chat way.  This means that they can leave a message and you can reply when you are available.
No. With Voco, your number is always private.
No. You don’t leave your credit card details and you can cancel the service at anytime.
No. Voco works with your current office or mobile numbers. You can also, if you wish publish the new phone number you received from Voco.
Whatsapp or slack require an app.  Voco runs on the browser.
Voco directs calls from landline or from blocked caller ID to voice mail.
No one likes to leave voicemails, and your customer will call the next provider. Voicemail still works for your customers who wish to use it.
Goto: https://www.paypal.me/ register with a new link.  Share your customers with the link, and track his payment.